Shining a Light on the Oil Field

Many folks say that “charity begins at home”, and this was profoundly on display last week at the annual Bright Lights Foundation Golf Tournament Fundraiser at Tour 18.  Since its formation in 2003, the Foundation has assisted people of all ages meet the crippling financial burden associated with catastrophic medical issues. From assisting with newborns to providing financial help to those with chronic or even terminal illness, the Foundation has helped change lives and give new hope.  The weather was hot but clear and some terrific scores were submitted.  As fun as it is to play golf with colleagues and enjoy the food and wine, the big reward was to meet the sweet daughter of one of our colleagues that will receive the funds for her ongoing health care needs.

Subsea Engineering Technologies made a humble contribution for the golf tournament this year, but we plan to return each year to continue the support of this worthy organization with ever increasing amounts.  #OilFieldProud